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Thursday, March 7th, 2013
2:02 pm
New Pages
In the wake of my success selling my first story of the year and intent to continue sending stories out, including three this month, I have created both a blog at wordpress (mostly) for writing issues and updates and a Facebook page for similar updates and to make people aware of the blog.

I did hear back from the second editor to whom I sent a story. Apparently it was "more of a narrative than a story," which I take to mean I didn't overcome the difficult position of characterization with regards to a siphonophore, effectively a colonial being.
Friday, January 18th, 2013
10:48 pm
Jan 18 2013 mostly moody rant of doom. if you can't handle that, don't read it.
Haven't posted in a while, busy and lazy. Not really a fun combination. When you're not busy, you don't do anything anyway and get to feel guilty about it. When you don't have time to do anything, you don't get anything you want done, and you still feel guilty about it. Yay.

Been working on a few short stories to try to submit to anthologies and magazines. Thought things were going along fairly well. I have someone with some sales under her belt helping me work out kinks and edit things down, but even after a few cycles of this, I've just been handed a number of issues and it just took the "hey, I could be productive and actually maybe pull my weight fiscally" wind right out of my sails.

At moments like this (reenforced by the realization that I had been wasting too much time playing a stupid game that's going down the drain by the day) I feel beyond useless, that I'm a drain on the universe and have no ability to do anything of meaning. It doesn't seem to matter how much effort I put in, whenever I think I've got something, or almost done something right, it falls apart and I have nothing to fall back on but a history of abject failure.

Some idiot once said and has often been quoted for it that 'everyone is good at something.' Not only is this aphorism plainly ridiculous, but it doesn't help me in the least, except that I fail at finding that one thing, which would probably be balancing pickles end on end or some other equally useless and not even really entertaining skill.
Sunday, November 18th, 2012
2:52 am
My horse for a kingdom!
So here it is, 2:30am, and I'm awake, not because I'm trying to cram some extra words for NaNo (I hit 50K on the 8th and progress toward finishing the story is going well, hit 71K tonight) though I'll probably end up writing a bit on it, nor because I'm excited to be going home to NH, though is is also very cool, as I can see my friends more regularly and finally get some chicken fingers with my Chinese food ( apparently they don't do those outside New England?)
Nope, I'm sitting here after over two hours of lying in bed worrying about... my bloody car. Now, it's in dire need of repair, but I don't care about that as we managed to find an affordable replacement vehicle. The problem lies in the fact that apparently, if you don't have a title for your car (and I have had 5 cars in my life and only once had a title, because they don't issue titles in NH for older cars- I thought it was ten years, but apparently it's 15 years old and up) you are considered to have stolen it. There is basically no legal way to divest yourself of that festering pile of rust. You cannot sell it. You cannot scrap it. You cannot donate it Without A Title.
I have been calling around, asking for advice, looking things up on line. No one will touch it because I clearly stole a POS 22 year old rust bucket Volvo in order to get the whopping $250 one place offered me for it before they found out I didn't have a grail, after all.
I'm down to one viable option and some crazy Lucille Ball schemes. I'm hoping that the first works out, because the others will probably cost me a chunk of money I don't have. This option is draining the fluids from the car( as though I know any car vampires... how does one get this kind of operation done? Can I just drive it to a garage and say "Dry 'er dry, please!" Will they do this? Or do I need to go to some kind of recycling center?) and then have it towed, requiring, most likely for me to renew my AAA which expired a short bit ago on the car in question, then once that's done, changing it over( Can one do this? I assume so, but the way my luck is running, they'll charge me 5 million double dollars just to change it over...) to my new, somewhat shinier vehicle for the trip home in like a week and a half...
The long and short of it is that apparently, I neither own fully, nor am free of liability for this car, which seems to be a fine example of the "Catch 22." I can't do anything with it, but if I don't do anything with it, I'll be fined/ charged with somethingorother.
Tuesday, November 13th, 2012
1:30 am
Nov 12
Haven't written on my NaNo in three days now. It seems fine as I hit just shy of 55k on day 9, but I really wanted to finish the story in November. I outlined the first part pretty well, and stuck to it mostly. When I didn't, once again, it was "mostly" ok. Some parts weren't, though and I dread going back and trying to put those to rights later. I'm in part 2 now and my outline is pretty weak. I've worked on it a bit the last couple of days, but it's still not what I had for pt 1. I have jumping ahead issues, telling things too fast/ early and skipping development. It makes me cranky and feel like not trying anymore. I know I should and having identified the jumping ahead/ failure to work into things issue will help resolve this will likely help me get back on track. Here's to 6k/day until Thanksgiving to try to finish up the draft... we shall see.
Monday, October 29th, 2012
2:59 pm
Oh, That Sandy...
So the hurricane hasn't had dramatic impact on us here in VA so far (well, where "us" means Sadie, myself, and the cats. Haven't gotten out much-- or turned on the TV in like a month-- so I can't report on the state as a whole.) We have one minor leak at the corner of one of the windows. I can only imagine the mess this would have been at the Inn, though. There was a leaky window right over the bed... no place else to really put the bed, unfortunately, but the first real storm we had while I was there... I set up a 5 gallon bucket and a wicking system to get the water from running down the wall and spreading across the floor to going into a bucket I had to dump.. like 6 times... This happened a number of times later, but only during sustained rains like we've been having here due to Sandy.
Anyway, NaNo is nearly upon us, and I have lots of plotting to do, or at least I tell myself I do, because I want to be as over-prepared as possible going into November. I know I could bust out 50, 60, even 70k with what I have in notes and experience doing NaNo, but I really want to shoot for a complete draft this year, even if that means 100k. On that note, I'm also not sure how long the story will really be. Hopefully there's enough meat to it.
Besides being more or less shut-ins until the flood warnings are over (midnight tonight, last I looked) all is more or less well. I hope Sandy leaves the rest of you in peace as well.
EDIT: Two hours later.. yeah so I totally "what could go wrong"d it there. Not ten minutes after I posted the above "nothing's happened" message, we lost power. lol
Friday, October 26th, 2012
11:25 pm
Oct 26, 2012
We had our local NaNoWriMo kick-off party tonight at a church which turned out to be about half an hour away getting there and nearly an hour getting back, though some of that had something to do with some sort of police intervention of at least 4 cruisers.

One of the things they do down here, which I may have to migrate home for next year, is "plot bunnies" made from small terry cloth pieces such as a washcloths. There are generic ones and themed ones. This year, they had Serenity/Firefly ones(inc Jayne and his hat, with which I walked away), the seasons, The Avengers ( and the Flash, which I got also) and array of other silly, cute or just odd bunnies, such as zombie bunny and accident bunny, who was in a wheelchair. Why would someone go through the trouble of all this? As a fundraiser for OLL, the group which brings us NaNoWriMo, Script Frenzy and a number of other programs. I also had the distinction of being the first name to be pulled for the door prizes. Mine was a larger plot bunny, ready for NaNo with his glasses and a notebook! Very cute.

It was pot luck, which was interesting. There were some good dishes. I brought a salad, as requested, and bought enough materials that I think we'll be salading (yes salading, because Everything's a Verb ) well into next week.

Managed some plotting while I was there, which is good and bad, I suppose, as I wasn't being as social as I might have been, but I still managed to talk with a few people and one person told me all about the backstory of their novel's world and slavery and lizard vs amphibian species and all, and I'd never seen or spoken to this person before, and must have missed the bit where she said "Want to hear about my novel?" Not that it wasn't interesting or entertainingly told, but very energetic and unexpected. :)

That was about most of my day, as I didn't walk due to rain, slept too much, possibly for the same reason, and didn't get a thing done otherwise.
Sunday, October 21st, 2012
11:31 am
Oops.. almost 3 weeks later...
Yeah, lost track of the daily log, but over the last few days picked it up again. I guess I could say I was really busy, but I'm not really so busy I couldn't have taken five minutes a day to make notes... On the other hand, I've been working on a number of projects, including but not limited to: plotting out my NaNo for this year so I can be as prepared as possible and give myself a decent shot at _finishing_the_novel_in_November! Since I've done this thing nine times now, and "won" every time but not finished a draft in that time. Also, refining an idea for a multimedia/collage graphic novel, a couple of different potential web comics, and Jongleur, my long-suffering but as yet only amorphous comic book.
I've also begun my 'final project' for the drawing class I'm taking through a local high school community program. Sadly, as it's watercolor( the class I wanted to take in the first place but was the only one who signed up) and there's been 0 watercolor instruction in the drawing class, it's not impressing me right now. It's taking forever to layer on colors and it's still very messy and ugh.. but I keep reminding myself while I've done acrylics, I've never really tried watercolors. I just wish my 'final project' looked better... More later, perhaps.
Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012
12:01 am
Virginia log: Day 86
Day 86: Oct 2 Tuesday
Felt mostly useless today, including emotionally lower than I've been in a long while. I think days when I fail to do something I can see as useful are a trigger for this kind of thing. I completely failed to do the drawing class homework, partially, perhaps from not leaving myself enough time to complete it, but main brain refused to simplify the tree and its thousands of leaves into outlines I could deal with...
Class itself was good, with exercises on perspective and one and two vanishing points and such. These things I had done some of and I felt much better by the end. Also, before class I spent 20 minutes or so gathering acorns :) I've been on kind of kick of looking for things in nature that we used to eat or that some people eat, but most people don't have a clue about. I stated with dandelions, though didn't get far due to supply, though I gathered a bunch of seeds that if they didn't mildew in my car will be good for growing when I have space again. Now to acorns, which are good sources of carbs, fiber, good oils, vitamins and minerals. I like most nuts and figured I'd look about the interwebs for further information.
I found that white oaks with rounded leaves ( vs the red and black oaks with pointy) are lower in tannins and therefore easier to process into an edible state. I also found how to leach the acorns and a number of recipes, from an acorn nutella-like spread to pancakes and bread to soup and even chili!
I'll be processing my first batch this week in between working on one of my previous nano novels, trying to get it into "other people can read it" shape, and maybe eventually "an agent/editor can read it" shape, drawing class homework and working on my bamboo cutting/ burning skills.
Sunday, September 30th, 2012
8:41 pm
Virginia logs: Days 83 & 84
Day 83: Sept 29 Saturday
Took a walk with Sadie in the evening, watched the first ep of Alias, got pizza from the Pizza Box for dinner and Sadie realized that was the place she liked most, not Chanellos :P Also watched Die Hard 4, which was pretty fun. It was a bit rainy/ overcast all day, so no real chance to take a pic of the tree I intend to draw for the drawing class.
Got a mail drop from back home, mostly bills and random malarkey for Sadie, but also, two issues of one of my magazines and one of the other. This was welcome, as though I still don't have much in the way of electronics skills, I enjoy looking at the projects and innovations and dream that someday I could build some of these things, such as Geiger counters, remote control picture taking subs, quad-copters(just what it sounds like, a helicopter with 4 rotors) or even a 3D printer, which is a toy I desperately want someday :)

Day 84: Sept 30 Sunday
Took a walk in late morning to get a photo of the tree I'd chosen for my drawing class assignment. On my way, I spotted a small ray swimming along the seawall and got a few decent photos considering the quality of my camera. It was neat to see the creature in its natural environment. On the way back, I detoured a bit to see the pilings near the "water stage" a small covered platform in one of the mini-marinas and caught sight of a crab. It was similar in size and in the exact place the previous crab sighting had been, so likely the same one. Got a few pics of him/her as well.
Sadie made stew which was very yummy and we watched some more Alias. Now She's working on building a Little Big Planet 2 level.

On more general notes, I've been considering what I should do for NaNoWriMo. It seems one idea is out because it's morphed into a multimedia project which will probably end up being a graphic novel. I still have a few others, including an Alfred Bester-esque story about people evading a telepathic ruling elite, and a sequel to the book I'm trying to finish editing, but I don't think I'll feel right about the latter if I don't get that done beforehand... Still a month to go, but my record is not stellar in the non-nano writing and editing arena...
Saturday, July 28th, 2012
7:44 pm
So, we have 2 cats in the apt with us, which is cool. I haven't lived with cats in ages, and it's nice to have some furry company about. We've been here nearly 3 weeks, and they began at a bit freaked out about a long(14 hr) car ride and new place, as well as new person. They had been living at her parents' house with some other cats, so there could be a measure of missing them in there, as well. At any rate, they have calmed down and even become quite attentive for cats, coming for snuggles and pats regularly instead of suffering the thuggish hands of humanity in some devil's bargain for food and shelter, needing to go an clean themselves after every encounter with our filth.
We have been discussing getting me my own kitten(s) as I pointed out that in my limited experience with my friends' cats, getting two or three at a time allowed for age-appropriate bonding, play and less youth-on-curmudgeon playfulness leading to curmudgeon-on-youth violence. Sadie claims that the talk of new kittens is at least partly responsible for the increase in human compatibility. She knows at least one of the existing felines is resistant to new housemates, and will no doubt hide, hiss and harangue for the first weeks, and they are playing up their cuteness to stave off such an invasion.
We did, as planned, visit the local shelter, and did find many cute kittens in the 10-11 week range which would have fit the bill, settling upon a pair of black and white siblings who will most likely either go by Zan and Jayna, after the Wonder Twins or Schrodinger and Heisenberg. Sadly, they had not been ready, so we will have to wait until Monday afternoon to go pick them up and bring them home.
Monday, July 23rd, 2012
12:50 am
No Guarantees
So, I was dragged back to LJ by a random poster spamming a 2 year old post with a youtube video, and find that people I know are still here. I had no idea. I had moved on with the rest of the world to be absorbed by FaceBook and all the shiny lights and blinking colors.
Since there are people still present who might like to know what's going on, here's a quick recap of the last couple of years:
Found or was found by someone who is totally awesome, shares many of my interests and is very interesting in return.
Have continued to do NaNoWriMo, but have yet to complete a novel since starting NaNo.
Have been off and on studying languages and electronics, getting into the 'maker' culture.
Have recently gotten out of "The Cave"- the cruddy basement apt in which I was held in a kind of purgatorial servitude- which was something I needed when I went to it, but quickly became clear was a devil's bargain.
Grown some cacti from seed, and adopted another transplant.
Temporarily moved to Virginia!
Started journaling daily about events while I'm in VA.
I'll try to update weekly or better, and keep an eye on the friends page, but as the title of this post alludes, I've still got the "ooh! Shiny!"s and a bunch of other things to distract me from doing so, thus, no guarantees. See you all in Cyberspace.
Tuesday, September 28th, 2010
2:47 pm
Writer's Block: Do you remember?
What is your earliest memory?
Standing in my crib, looking out the window at the full moon and then out through the bars at the sailor Donald Duck nightlight.
Saturday, December 5th, 2009
3:08 pm
Remember remember the 5th of December...
Oh wait.. ;)
Well, I did miss the 5th of November... Read more...Collapse )

Current Mood: artistic
Monday, September 21st, 2009
10:57 am
to post or not to post
It's been quite a while since I've posted anything, even longer since it was not a quiz. :P I figured I'd write something, so I'm going with a general update.

I'm still at the Inn, working sometimes stupid hours, but it makes getting through the lean months at my other job possible and I'm not feeling like I'm drowning every Aug/Sept. Kind of looking forward to MP, if only for the people and $. I have one other current lead, doing something like transcribing text books? It could be fun, or it could be amazingly dull, but as long as it pays regularly, I can deal with an hour commute... I am also looking into other jobs. I am hoping to get certified to teach English as a Foreign Language so I can hit up China next fall, and am (slowly, as it's on my own through books, CD's and websites and under my own slacker volition) learning Mandarin and written Chinese/Zhongwen. If anyone has any info about certification, cheap/free language resources or TEFL programs, feel free to let me know ;)

The Kingston renfaire is May 16th-17th and the 23rd-34th in 2010, and apparently did well in spring this year, though I was unable to join them. I was thinking about getting back in this year. Also, we did a renfaire here at the in last year, but are apparently not repeating that due to dubious ability to make $$. We broke even last year on a good weather weekend, soo yeah.

I'm still writing, have tried to focus on specific novels, keep failing, so I have nearly a dozen going at the moment. Mostly, it's former NaNo's. The one I had that was done- or at least drafted, pending a 'final' edit I was part way through, is stuck on my other comp, and I'm investigating getting an external hard drive case to try to extract said novel.

I'm also working on some other crafts, including some dice bags, juggling balls and antler necklaces which I may throw up on eBay or Etsy, as well as actually painting from time to time.

The webcomic is still in research stages. I just got this neat book 507 Mechanical Movements which has diagrams and descriptions of uses for the gearworks. It is already giving me ideas for mechs in the story. I also came across a company called Van Dykes which supplies materials for Victorian renovations, and has all kinds of mouldings, drawer pulls, corner bumpers and other accoutrement which display the Victorian sensibility and embellishment I hope to incorporate into the imagery and the story itself.

I've also been catching up on my TV watching via Hulu and DVD's- some from eBay, others from friendly lends. Just finished season 2 of BSG, 1 of Big Bang Theory and am watching 1 of Alias right now, as well as trying to keep up with Burn Notice, Chuck, Eureka and Warehouse 13 online.

That's all I can think of for now. I hope everyone had a good summer. I actually made it out t the beach a couple times, and had my first visit to Water Country, which was mysteriously concurrent with my first sunburn in like 2 decades.. hmm... :P It was worth it, anyway. Now to prepare for NaNo and figure out which of these two stories to go with, since I don't think I'm up to trying a double again...
Monday, March 23rd, 2009
5:20 pm
What's Your Celtic Animal?
Your Animal is the Otter
You are a supportive, caring person. You value human life, and you think each person deserves compassion.
You are optimistic and inspiring. You see what people need to feel complete, and you help them get it.

You bond easily with others, and you are especially close to your family. You love to share, learn, and play together.
Security is important to you. You are calm, as long as you aren't threatened.
Sunday, February 22nd, 2009
5:43 pm
Sunday, July 27th, 2008
8:34 am
Tuesday, July 8th, 2008
7:05 pm
Weekday update
Finally got my car squared away. june was pretty consistently busy, so I hadn't gotten a chance to register/ inspect it, but I did those today, in addition to... replacing the rear driver-side window! I know, at this point it's almost like it's supposed to be missing or something. Funny/scary thing: it got through inspection not just without them worrying about it, but without them _noticing_.
I also replaced the alternator this last weekend, as the buggered bit kept me from a 4th of July party I'd meant to attend. At least I was somewhere where I could get help. Ended up watching some Lost and fixing it the next day.

I've also been reading through some books on watercolor and was sketching a scene from memory while waiting for my car... My mechanic now wants me to draw his 7 dogs from some photos he's sending me. I told him I'd see what I could do, but interestingly enough, he has a sketch of a previous set of dogs( only one of the 4 is still with us) on his wall and I had considered doing something similar for him before, but decided not to after not finding any proper models on my own. I hadn't realized then that they weer his dogs, so it seems more appropriate now to have waited, just odd. ;)

I had my first Dept of Education meeting yesterday at work. It was interesting to be part of the discussion/process of making those decisions. It will help immensely when training to be able to give some reasoning for the DOE decisions beyond "that's what they decided."

I have been writing a very little, and painting a bit, though more acrylics-treating them more like oils, thick and heavy- rather than the water-color like washes, which is what I plan to try soo.

The renfaire is coming along. We've a storyline, one pair of combatants(two knights, myself and the visitor) and are working on costumes and armor. Plate mail is the plan. I've already begun training for that, which will ramp up the farther we go into summer.

I hope all are well.
Wednesday, June 18th, 2008
11:17 pm
TV List Meme (meem)
From anonymous_greg via caitirin

means you've seen every episode (or nearly every episode),
Italics mean you've seen the show at least once.

50. Quantum Leap49...Collapse )
Sunday, May 25th, 2008
8:25 am
Here, there, and everywhere.
I've been really bad at posting, so I'll recap with what I'm up to...

Work is going fairly well, with more effort on management's part to get me work now that they're "invested" in me- ie, I've been told enough to sometimes know wtf is going on, and can be useful in a wide range of positions, for the Reading content area, and now, Science as well. I've been QACing this year, which mean choosing training materials, and even training questions. It's a good thing I've improved my speaking-in-front-of-dozens-to-hndreds-of-people-with-little-to-no-preparation skills through theatre and the renfaire. I'll be training 4 questions this next session, one to about 70 people, the others to about 30-40, depending on which 'half' I end up with. The fact that I've already seen _some_ of those questions was happenstance.

In the aforementioned theatre area of my life, TAC (Touring Actors Company) on the board of which I serve, is moving house to Rollinsford in the next couple of weeks, into the mills there. We think it will be a much more engaged community, as the mills are already filled with artists of all types, painters, drummers, dancers, wood workers, and even another theatre group- whom we know and have no real conflict with as they do dinner theatre mysteries, where we usually do kids shows for schools and recreation centers, summer camps, etc.

The move will be a challenge, especially in the summer, but good overall, with new opportunities, lower rent, and hopefully new friends.

I've started walking a bit again. Back in the day, I used to walk every day, often numerous miles. I wouldn't call it 'hiking' as it was generally roadside, or through woods which were basically my backyard, though they could lead one to the other side of my town, and I never really planned or brought supplies with me.

During these walks, I've seen small trees in the most inconvenient of places, places where in another time, more accepting of such things, and aprpeciative of their beauty, they may have grown into natural bonsai, but these cliff faces and crannies are in conflict. Primary succession will be thwarted by men with weed whackers and riding around in street sweepers. These are the gutter trees, which may get to a few inches or maybe half a foot tall before doom rains down upon their doomed leaves, and I now have 9 of these refugees set up in modified jucie mix canisters on the back porch. Most are maples, have yet to get around to looking for the id of the others. Something about their plight touched me, I think, not being entirely different from my own, but somehow there are never enough people with juice mix containers around when you need them.

On these walks, I've also been keeping an eye out for possible locations for current and future films I've begun discussing with other interested parties. We have a few short scripts to start off with, which have been performed in conjunction with TAC, and some full-length scripts in production right now. I'm working on a supernatural horror movie, and others are working on zombie, comedy and twilight zone-esque pieces. - Which reminds me, if anyone has an in with a funeral parlor... lemme know, I could use a look around for a possible location...

Writing in general has taken more of a hit since I've been working nmore regularly and getting into all these other projects my NYR is woefully behind, and unlikely to see success, at least in the fullness of one story a week being sent out. In order to do that I'd have to start busting out 2/week or more for a while, and if anything I'm going to be having less and less free time. I ahd also planned on a full re-write of my frist novel by the end of June, but I can't see how that will happen at this point... Maybe I'll boost up my motivation and surprise myself, but between the above mentioned projects, another film project, the renaissance faire in Kingston to prep for- rehearsals begin Jun 1 and will likely be Sun afternoons for a while- and looking for a part time position I can jump into in August when MP stops having work, and maybe assembling my jester character, which may not be needed by the NHRF(Kingston renfaire) for use/ hiring out elsewhere, and looking at the possibility of taking a class or two this fall as my day job will be out and I need some 'professional advancement,'((I neeeds me some maths and physics, amd maybe some engineering)) I might be a bit swamped... a bit.

Guess that's most of everything for now. Scripts to write, costumes to make, etc, etc. Hope you're all well.

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